Why I believe in you

After 25 years as writer-editor-coach-trainer, I still felt I was failing. Though I'm smart and creative, I was working so hard that I often burned out. 

In 2015, I learned that I'm autistic (then ADHD, dyscalculic, and dyspraxic). Knowing that, I adapted my life to suit me.

And it brought me to my purpose - to you! 

What I love now is to use my experience to work with you - to help you to find what works for you:
  • Work out your purpose and strengths
  • Master the skills you need
  • Live your best, authentic life
From coaching and training 1,000+ people, I know I'm the right guide for you.

Morwenna Stewart 
Coach, Trainer, Speaker

Summit speaker, 9 May 24

Happy people


"Morwenna is really good at pushing me to understand the problem, without giving solutions. She asks something then leaves lots of silence for me to think."
Head of Inspection, Care Quality Commission

"With Morwenna’s support I planned an important writing project. Her approach gave time to consider what was getting in my way, how to break things down and crucially how to get things done. Morwenna has a lovely personable style which allowed space to think in a way that worked for me. I highly recommend Morwenna."
Dr Susie, PhD

"I never imagined that books I had written would feature on Waterstones' website. Thanks to Morwenna's coaching for helping me to see I could, if I wanted to!"
Manager, UK (healthcare)

"Morwenna was extremely skilled in creating a partnership with me, holding space, being present in the moment and listening with an open mind to explore with me the possibilities that I might choose. through coaching."
Briony Craig, Coach, Trainer


"Very engaging and thought provoking workshop."

"Delivered excellently, very engaging. Excellent opportunities to practise skills and tools to take away."

"Very knowledgeable and engaged everyone in interesting conversation. Liked the handouts and not having PowerPoint all day."

Civil service / government

"Incredibly knowledgeable and delivered in an engaging way so members felt safe to contribute and ask questions. While this training was for coaches, it would be extremely valuable to all professionals as it provided ways to adapt our communication to be more inclusive. Our coaches really appreciated the training and the feedback was very positive."



"Great session, with a personal flair that helped understand the unique individuality we must consider for each person."

"Excellent session. VERY important topic. Great information and resources. Inclusive of online audience. Handled the tech challenges well." 

"Morwenna was phenomenal! I cannot begin to touch on the many take aways I received from this session! One of the best sessions!" 

"Excellent, excellent session - one of the best in the conference and SO needed! The presenter was open and candid and very engaging. I’d love to see this topic as a half (or full) day workshop." 

International Coaching Federation conference, 2023

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News media

What is dyscalculia? TikToker reveals what life is like with number blindness
Daily Mail Online

"Morwenna, neurodiversity expert at the International Coaching Federation, says dyscalculic people can help themselves or get help from their employer.

She advises: 'Do your research and find out as much information as you can. List how it affects you. If you’re comfortable, find someone at work you trust to talk about it. Many organisations have disability staff networks, for support and information.

The government ‘Access to Work’ scheme can fund workplace coaching, equipment, and adjustments. A good coach can help you to find strategies that work for you, so you can be your brilliant self!'

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Barclays Bank
Bank of England


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International consulting (Dubai)
International Coaching Federation (US)

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Camelot (National Lottery)


Care Quality Commission
Health Education England
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